With Baga you just visit search for the product you need pay for it within Nigeria via Onekysystems GT Bank Acc number which is provided in the checkout process.

And buying from outside Nigeria for delivery to a Nigerian City we give you our International Paypal details when you open a support ticket with us mentioning your order number.

Terms and Condition

All products are subject to customs inspection, however the price you see on the site for the goods include all shipping handling and any other related costs. So in 99% of time there will be no other costs unless a special delivery arrangement is required outside our pickup zones.


Refund Policies

Stage one

Within 24hrs of placing an order and completing payment you can get back 100% refund if for any reason you change your mind.

Stage Two

If the order has taken longer than 12business days and you can no longer wait a full refund will be given unless previously stated

Stage Three

If at our pickup location on the day of pickup you confirm that the product is defective or it is not what you ordered. We will gladly collect it back no questions asked. And a full refund will given to you after you open a support ticket along with an incident report number given to you on the date of pickup only.



No Refund Conditions

We will not refund to you if for any reason you want to go and carry out any testing, try and see or to show someone. Once you confirm receipt of your product the order number is closed immediately.

Or if you indicate any thing on the item which was already described by the seller based on your cart.

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