About Us

Baga is an Ecommerce shipping company specializing in Dropshipping. We bring to Nigeria a unique way to connect to the major big international Ecommerce sites. Talking of Ebay worldwide, Aliexpress, Amazon and woolmart.

The company was established as a partner having experience of over 20years as a top seller on Ebay and Amazon. We are registered as official affiliate with these companies with our Account which is over 20yrs old. So we aim to meet up with real customer needs as we sustain our reputation, with these companies as a registered official affiliate.

This certification has opened links with other top Ebay Aliexpress vendors doing turnover of over USD1mill per annum. Why have we done this and why are we willing to put our reputation on the line. We believe that systemizing Ecommerce processes in a seamless transparent way with the capacity to handle many transactions in a manner that is transparent and speedy is the next way of doing business.

Our experience in Nigeria goes back to doing business via channels such as Nairaland and Olx where we have some threads running with very good reputation of timely and correct deliveries.

We provide you with a way that you can sit back place an order inside or outside of Nigeria and get your order and tracking number within 24hrs. Our target time is withing 12working days for pickups. If not a full refund is actioned via our support ticket system. See further terms and conditions.

So we hope you enjoy shopping at baga.com.ng any questions please do not hesitate to contact us direct on info@baga.com.ng thanks.

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